Books, Blogs and more Books!

You may remember the big April competition?! Well I had all the best intentions, but I didn't actually complete the 'become a better blogger' challenge from ProBlogger! I have however saved all the tasks into a new folder and will find a 'quieter' month when I can throw myself into the challenge:)

I have had a good reason though! I have been busy working on my new book launch! It's super exciting! Yesterday I had a courier delivery of 50 of the books, they had my name on them and everything!! I'll probably re-read this post in a years time when the novelty of being a published author has worn off and laugh at how excited I got over the smallest thing but for now I'm basking in the glow of it all! I even sat and smelled one of the books - just to see. My daughter (aged 6) caught me at it and asked when I was doing. When I told her she sniffed herself and said it smelled like chicken! haha here is a pic of the book! Do you like it?
Anyway, let's get on with what you have all been waiting for - the winner of the fabbo competition I launched on 1st April! Do you remember?

So, drumroll please....
The winner of her own Dream PA Busy Book (pictured below) drawn at random from all the entries received is ........Coding Mama (Tasha!)
Well done Tasha - a Busy Book is on its way to you!!

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Fabulous females! I love us all!!

I had to dedicate a blog post to all the lovely women I know and in recent weeks I have had the privilege of working more closely with even more of them from my business contact network!

I'd say that I'm a 'girls girl'. I like men (I'm married to one and I gave birth to a mini one!!) but I am happiest in the company of other women and contrary to what some people believe, it's not my experience that women are bitchy. (I remember one ex colleague saying this about 'all women' and I didn't agree then and I still dont now.)

Anyway, I've been having a really busy few weeks as I'm excited to say that my first paperback book is about to launch!! It is called The Virtual Assistant Handbook and is available from Amazon. I've just set the launch date with my Publisher (who is a fantastic woman - very savvy and business minded!) and the big day will be Wednesday 13th May 2009! Woop woop!!

To make a real splash on launch day, I have teamed up with some great businesses to offer bonuses for the people who purchase the book on launch day and in total these bonuses are valued at more than £800! ...Not bad for buying a 15 quid book!!

One of the fabulous females who is offering a book bonus is Jules Wyman - a Confidence Coach and semi finalist in the Britain's Next Top Coach competition. Help her get to the final by voting for her here! She is holding a teleseminar for all the book buyers.

Then I want to big up super sassy senorita Sammy Blindell of ICE Innovation! She is offering a brand strategy session worth £150 as a book launch bonus!

Supermummy Mel McGee is a recently published author too! There must be something in the air! Check out her excellent book on Amazon here. She has also offered to support me with a book launch bonus which is a free e-course called "Mum Power" which is worth £149 and a limited time membership to Supermummy Mumpreneurs for just £1 (usual price £29.99)

My Publisher is Lean Marketing Press who have put 3 fantastic eBooks into the pot and a woman runs that business too! Buyers of my book will also receive The Gorillas Want Bananas (worth £15), Power Branding (Worth £7.95) and The Small Business Detox (Worth £7.95) which are all available from the eBook store, Bookshaker!

I have a few other cool book launch bonuses too but these are from male owned companies and we're bigging up the laydeez today!

I think having supportive female friends is essential and I'm fortunate to have some gorgeous ones. My best friend who now lives in Dubai sent me this awesome greetings card the other day - congratulating me on the upcoming launch of my book! She got it from Moonpig and I think it's fantastic!! I always wondered what it would be like to be 'Britney Spears'!!

A woman who is very supportive of other women is a lady called Lynette Allen. She profiled me on her website Pink Expertise on 30th March 2009 and if you have a look, she has promoted loads of other UK based business women too. If you run a business and would like to be profiled yourself, all she asks is that you answer the two questions that all of us already featured have answered and send them to her with your photo!

If you are a regular reader of Time Management Mum, you may have noticed the badge on the left that shows I'm a member of the British Mummy Bloggers. Well the ladies (and one gent!) there have also been fantastic and really supported me with my book launch. I am going on a 'virtual book tour' this Summer 2009 and will be guest blogging at some of their sites, to promote the book! Thanks guys and see you at the next carnival!!

I couldn't possibly begin to list all the gorgeous girls that I know and who are incredibly supportive of me and of other women so let's just say if you are a fantastic female, this blog is for YOU!!!

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Freestyle Vs Routine!

Easter break was fantastic but today my 6 year old was back at school so it's back to the routine. We're dictated by the clock again as we have set times for school drop off and pick up, plus I run a business from home so there are working hours where clients will call and expect to reach a human rather than an 'out of hours' answering machine. It's nice to have some order and structure to the day but I also love the freedom of being able to go with the flow and do what we feel like, rather than doing something because the clock says so.

We took a week out as a family at Easter and went away so I got to sleep late (well, I stayed in bed until 0845 which is late to me!) and we spent time together going swimming, going to the play-gym (with the kids - not on our own!), reading in the garden on a really sunny day, a shopping trip where we stopped for a cappucino and a 'sit down' every hour, and generally just chilling out! I'm back at work and into the swing of things again today only to realise that because I haven't blogged for almost 2 weeks, the post that's been showing at the top of this blog is the one about the 'vaj-j-j'!! Hilarious! I should have left something really thoughtful or deep and meaningful up there so any new visitors would think this blog is a bit highbrow, but no - it had to be about the 'Vaj-j-j'! Still, I got a few more followers so maybe the light-hearted content struck a chord!!

Whilst we were away, we bought the Kath & Kim DVDs again (Our daughter scratched the first set and now they jump) so we've all been watching all the old faves. I can tell I've been spening time immersed in the goings on of 'Kath Day-Night' as I found myself saying "I'm up to Pussy's Bow" to hubby the other day!

Whilst we spent time chilling and going with the flow, I have to say I found that I was quite productive. I get loads of practical tasks done when I'm in the routine, but the holiday flexed my creative muscles a bit more, and I had some great ideas for the business and for my next book whilst all my musings were on the 'back burner' - just hanging around in my head waiting to crystallise themselves! I made loads of notes before I forgot them (ideas have a habit of drifting in then straight out of my head and I have to capture them before they do!) So now I'm back at the laptop I can work on the ideas and see if they were really as good as I thought at the time!

A great tip I've found for capturing the ideas and thoughts that pop into your head whilst you are out and about is to carry a small dictaphone in your bag. I do - it's just the size of a slim mobile phone but it really helps to have something that can immediately collect what's on your mind before you forget (and as I get older I find that I forget more often!) It's also useful for when I am driving because I can't write down what I'm thinking so I can speak any ideas into the dictaphone so they are stored for later! My hubby makes fun and say's I'm like Alan Partridge, ("sack Lynn for being dis-loyal"!!) Any Alan fans will know what I mean! But I don't care - it's a method that works and as long as I get my tasks and ideas down easily which makes me more productive in the long run, I'm happy!

I do like the 'freestyle life', just taking things as they come, but I'm queen of my comfort zone and I like my routine. Which do you busy mums out there prefer? Share your thoughts!

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This really IS for the woman who has got everything!!

Ladies, you are going to love this - the latest fashion accessory - for your va-jay-jay!

It's called The Va-j-j Visor and it is for 'protecting your intimate area when you are using hair dye *down there* or tanning or waxing! It comes in 'hot pink', 'lime green' and purple, and no, I'm not kidding!!

Maybe there is a choice of colours so you can accessorise properly! I mean, if I'm wearing red, I won't want to have the hot pink one in that day, it might clash! What will the beautician think if you are sporting the purple colour in April? Purple is more of an autumnal colour - you'd look so 'last season'! I bet the lime green one is for night-time - I wonder if it glows in the dark! Actually that's not a bad idea. Perhaps women whose husbands don't know their way around 'down there' can use the lime green one like a night flight aeroplane uses the ground lights for landing!

I have to say though, why didn't they make a leopard print one? Or what if you are a girl that likes a bit of bling? Could they put some rhinestones on it?

I have had some real value out of this today. First I had to get up off the floor where I had fallen after laughing so hard when I first opened the press release, then when I wiped the tears from my eyes, I forwarded the information on to 6 friends who I thought would find it as funny as me! Then I posted a status update on Twitter and Facebook! I immediately got ten new Twitter followers after 'tweeting' the word "va-j-j"! (So now you know how to get popular on social networks!)

I was almost too busy to do a blog post today. I had a business day that started at 06:30am, the kids are on school holidays so there was a lot of juggling today plus we are trying to wash, iron and pack clothes for a weekend away over Easter. But the va-j-j press release stopped me in my tracks - literally! It reminded me that there is always time for a laugh and no matter how busy you are, there's always time for the Va-j-j Visor!

Let's have a vote! D'ya reckon we could get the company to produce a 'Time Management Mum*' branded one if we put on enough 'peer pressure'? Or what would you like to see for the Va-j-j Visor? Maybe a bit of fake fur trim? Some ruffles or maybe a Louis Vuitton monogrammed one!!

*Time Management Mum used to be the name of this blog. It was re-branded Juggle Mum in 2011
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Ladies that Lunch..... with toddlers!!

I used to go to glamorous business meetings! Once I was taken for 'high tea' by my boss when I worked in fashion PR in London. We went to somewhere really posh but I can't remember the name of the place. They did have silver teapots and three tier cake stands though - and the waiters wore white gloves!!

Today I'm being a lady that lunches again! Except this time the business meeting I'm having involves her three year old and my 19 month old too! As business mums, we have to squeeze in our meetings when we can and we both have our children today so we decided to multi-task! A playdate / lunch / business meeting! Three birds with one stone!

As someone with a keen interest in time management and getting more things done, I love to hear other people's takes on how to be more productive, to pick up tips that I can use in my own life or to see if other people use the techniques that I use to manage my time. However I have noticed that whenever I read an article by a time management expert, firstly, they are usually a man and secondly they seem to advocate avoiding multi-tasking like it's the plague. As a modern business mum, I don't think we could be as productive as we are without multi-tasking. Stuff just wouldn't get done!

My take on multi-tasking is this; If you are doing a heavily involved work project or something that demands a great deal of concentration then you really do need to focus on that one thing, to get it done to the best of your ability before moving on to the next thing. Having fragmented concentration doesn't help accomplish anything. However if you are doing a task that is fairly routine or brainless such as putting on a wash-load whilst chatting to a friend then by all means, multi-task! It is possible to cook the dinner, sort the washing, keep an eye on the kids and monitor your emails or glance at a magazine at the same time. This is what the men seem unable to do, and I do believe it is a genetics thing - men being the 'caveman' and all that. They needed to be linear in their thinking - hunt and kill is all that preoccupied them whereas the cavewoman looked after the home, the kids and her man. And these 'roles' seem to remain with us now. My husband is lovely - he mucks in when he's at home and he's a very involved father but even so he can't seem to do more than one thing at the same time. If he is boiling the kettle for a cuppa he can read the newspaper at the same time but that's about it. Or if he is on the loo then he takes his golfing magazine with him (which I find disgusting!) but as far as doing anything more than that, he just doesn't - it doesn't occur to him!

So when you are reading a book or article by a male time management expert, do bear in mind that they really don't know what it is like to juggle. They aren't hard wired that way. Celebrate what makes us women experts in time management, which is being productive, getting the necessary things done and hopefully having fun too. This is the part where a lot of women fall down - making time to have fun or spending some time on themselves, so this is what we need to develop strategies for and this blog will showcase some of the best, so keep checking back regularly. After all, if you want to learn about holistic time management, just ask a busy working mum!

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Gotta get this Giveaway!!!

Happy April Fool's Day! Probably for the first time EVER, I have not been caught out on April 1st yet! Buy hey, it's still 2 hours until 12pm - there is still time!

I have set aside this month to build a better blog - the 'blogging industry gurus' at ProBlogger set a challenge which I signed up to, which is to build a better blog in 31 days and it was supposed to start today, but the ProBlogger guys have had to push the start date back for reasons known only to them, but I decided to start today in any case, so I'm kicking off April with a special announcement!

I am launching an awesome competition!!!

We all like a chance to win something and I have just about the coolest prize around up for grabs. The Busy Book is a busy womans dream - a funky planner to keep track of all her appointments, manage her 'me time' and to log her goals in (and the shopping list)! This exclusive personal organiser usually retails at £39.99 but I have one for free for one of my blog subscribers!

To be in with a chance of winning this pretty time management tool, see below for the entry criteria:

For ONE entry, leave a comment

For an additional TWO entries, add Time Management Mum to your blogroll

For THREE entries, become a follower of this blog - current followers automatically get 3 entries!

For a bonus entry, TWEET this giveaway

....and if you grab my button and add it to your blog, (the code is in the column to the far left), you will get an extra FIVE entries! (plus you'll have the jazzy button to make you smile!)

Let me know in the comments what you've done and how many entries you should get for that so that I don't have to work it all out. Sums like this make my brain hurt - I'm a juggler not an accountant!

Good luck everyone!

*This contest is now closed*

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