Shopping spreeeeeee!!!!!!!

Have you ever done something that you thought was a great idea at the time and then wondered what on earth had posessed you?!
I had a tattoo done on my hand after the birth of my second child. I was still breastfeeding and had raging hormones and I think I wanted to feel young and funky again so I went to the tattoo parlour and came out with a scribble on my hand. I was going for Cheryl Cole from Girls Aloud. I felt more like George Cole from Minder!
Well last week I had another one of those moments. I went to the salon for an uber funky cut. I thought I'd look cool, a bit edgy and fresh but after having it a few days, I feel like I'm wearing a wonky wig! It's ok I suppose, and at least it is hair that will grow back, but blimey! What on earth do us mums do to ourselves sometimes in a bid to 'claw ourselves back'!
Angelina Jolie can pull off the multiple tattoo look and still look feminine. The girl in my local hairdressers can work the asymetric hair look and she rocks! I think that maybe I can't!!
After I'd had the haircut, I did like it, but d'ya know what I felt? I felt a bit like my clothes don't match it! Like they weren't cool enough to go with the hair so cue the shopping spree!......
Here is me posing in the changing rooms of one of the fashion shops...

What do you think of the hair? Okay - maybe not with this face on! How about this.....

If I'd have moved over a bit I'd look like I was wearing that hat!!

Anyway, I did have a great shopping spree and the great news is that it didn't cost very much! Here's why! (I had gift cards left over from my birthday!) - and here are the receipts from afterwards!

I bought some leggings for under my short dresses, a top with ruffles on it, some 'hold you in' knickers(!), some make up and a magazine to read in bed!!
I have had some comments at the school gates saying I'm a bit of a yummy mummy this week! However some other friends haven't said anything at all about the hair so I think I've managed to pick a controversial style for the first time ever! Opinion on it is divided! Let me know what you think, so I don't make another drastic choice and have it cut even shorter!!!

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  1. Love the new image - and the blog's not bad either! You must be doing something right if you've got time for shopping sprees!

    Mel x

  2. Aah, there's nothing better than a shopping spree and a new haircut. Might just have to schedule one in for myself...

  3. Love the new look and looking forward to my own birthday inspired spending spree after reading your post.


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