Life is a bed of roses!

Look how beautiful these roses look!

I got a dozen red roses on Valentines Day from my hubby, and now it’s mid March (almost 1 month later!) and I am just throwing them away. I’ve been changing their water every few days and pruning the dead petals to extend their life and I’ve got a month’s worth of value out of them - beautiful aren’t they?

I was putting the roses in the bin and all the petals fell off before I could get them in. They looked so pretty on the floor I had to take a photo! I’m a bit of a romantic soul and I was going to collect them all and use them as rose petals to decorate the bed for a special treat(!) but they were getting a bit crunchy and I could see it being less romantic and more annoying as you get crusty rose petals up your bum!

I love it when my hubby gets me flowers - it doesn’t matter to me if it is on a ’special’ day or not. Having a lovely bunch makes up for all the time he spends being Jon Bon Jovi on Guitar Hero!
It’s Mother’s Day in a few weeks and I’m hoping the kids will get me some flowers - that or a tripod for my Flip camcorder!!

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  1. LOL....crusty rose petals in my bum lol...

    When Brad and I first met, he sent me 100 roses! So I totally know the crunchy petal issue.


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