It’s just another Manic Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday...

If you are a mum in her 30’s like me you are bound to recognise the song referred to in the title! I used to love The Bangles! It has been a very manic week this week! Have a look at my diary from yesterday!It looks scruffy but this was all things ‘to do’ and once I’d done the job I had to scribble the task out so it didn’t distract me!

Have a look at today and tomorrow…

I hope I haven’t got a record of my period written on here or any embarrassing confessions!
Anyway, this week has been really stacked and I’ve got loads of great blog content from the week - I just need time to blog about it!

Tomorrow (Saturday) I’m out all day at a womens event - it is work (research) but it should be fun too! I really want a day off on Sunday - just a lie in and a read of the papers in bed - let’s see if I get it!

What will make your ideal weekend?….

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