If you are new to Time Management Mum, read this...

TMM is about 'stuff' not 'fluff'.

This blog is about me and my life - I am Time Management Mum - but you don't have to be super organised to read it! LOL

**NOTE: this blog used to be called Time Management Mum but it is now called Juggle Mum (as of 2011)**

TMM is aimed at anyone with an interest in time management because if you really want to know how to manage your time, become more productive and how to juggle without dropping the baby, just ask a ‘hands on’ working mum.

The blog is not a ‘preach’ about how I do it, sometimes I drop the balls, and that’s ok. I’m human after all, but I am uber organised, I do have a lot of projects on the go and I am a modern working mum! My Guest Bloggers are women like me - passionate, positive, they love their kids but also have an identity away from them.

The readers of this blog will find nuggets of great information on getting everything done and still making time for fun. My belief is that you should take care of YOU, as the ‘mummy of the house’ everything revolves around you anyway - stuff usually won’t get done unless you action it, so it’s important to look after your needs as well as your children / husband / pets / business etc…
I love comments so do participate! Join in, share your stories, your tips, how you stay sane!
You’re a fabulous and feisty female, but this blog doesn’t appreciate BMW’s (Bitches, Moaners and Whiners). Join in but play nice or I’ll send you to the naughty step.

Also, comment on posts young and old! It doesn't matter when the piece was posted - it's all still timely and relevant so feel free to comment on older posts as well as the fresh new ones - the older ones have value too y'know!

This blog celebrates women, celebrates mothers, celebrates our fabulousness and supports ALL our choices. It’s a ’sisterhood’. Blog away Hot Mama and have lots of fun!……….

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