I danced with a spoon under your bed because I'm AWESOME!

Okay, this is funny......

Pick the month you were born:

January..............I did the Macarena With

February------I loved

March--------I karate chopped

April----------I licked

May----------I jumped on

June----------I smelled

July----------- I kicked

August--------I had lunch with

September----I danced with

October-------I sang to

November-----I yelled at

December-----I ran over

Pick the day (number) you were born on:

1-------a birdbath

2-------a monster

3-------a phone

4-------a fork

5-------a snowman

6-------a gangster

7-------my mobile phone

8-------my dog

9-------my best friends' boyfriend

10-------my neighbour

11-------my science teacher

12-------a banana

13-------a fireman

14-------a stuffed animal

15-------a goat

16-------a pickle

17-------Chuck Norris

18-------a spoon

19------ - a smurf

20-------a baseball bat

21-------a ninja

22------- your mum

23-------a noodle

24-------a squirrel

25-------a football player

26-------my sister

27-------my brother

28-------an iPod

29-------a surfer

30-------a homeless guy

31-------a llama

What is the last number of the year you were born:

1--------- In my car

2 --------- On your car

3 ----------- In a hole

4 ----------- Under your bed

5 ----------- in an elevator

6 --------- sliding down a hill

7 --------- Riding a Motorcycle

8---------- at the dinner table

9 -------- In line at the bank

0 -------- in your bathroom

Pick the color of shirt you are wearing:

White---------because I'm cool like that

Black---------because that's how I roll.

Pink-----------because I'm sexy and I do what I want

Red-----------because the voices told me to.

Blue-----------because I'm NOT crazy.

Green---------because I think I need some serious help.

Purple---------because I'm AWESOME!

Gray----------because Big Bird said to and he's my leader.

Yellow--------because someone offered me 1,000,000 dollars

Orange--------because my family thinks I'm stupid anyway.

Brown---------because I can.

Other----------because I'm a Ninja!

None----------because I can't control myself!

Write a comment with YOURS! ...And thank you to April, my stunningly fabulous blog designer for the quiz- she blogged it in February!

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A Mama Managing her Time!

Last month I held a competition amongst the mums out there to find the best 'me time' tip! I wanted to know how you carve out some time in your busy day for a bit of R&R and Terry Anne gave me the best tip which was that she escapes into her back garden and into the 102 degree warmth of the hot-tub, has water jet massages and listens to her CD! Jealous, me?! Nah! But I wouldn't mind a dip in that hot tub!

Anyway, one of my fabulous Dream PA 'Busy Books' went out to Terry and here she is proudly holding it! Next time she's in that hot tub she can plan her day!

id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5317642354082998482" style="DISPLAY: block; MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; WIDTH: 320px; CURSOR: hand; HEIGHT: 240px; TEXT-ALIGN: center" alt="" src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_WziqCbVVU1A/ScwPjAWwaNI/AAAAAAAAADQ/T7m1VdPYehA/s320/DPA+organiser+winner+TerryAnne.jpg" border="0" />
I am so proud of my Busy Book - have a look here to learn more about them!

As far as managing my own time goes - this week has been a rollercoaster! I have had business meetings and taken calls from potential clients, worked on the cover artwork for my new book that is coming out this Summer, written a guest blog for a client, kept up with my own blog and planned business strategy for The Dream PA! All whilst keeping the home and kids ticking over and doing school runs etc. This weekend I have my VAT Return to do - I always leave it to the last minute because there is always more stuff to do that's funner!! (...and I know that 'funner' is not a real word but I like how it sounds!)

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Shopping spreeeeeee!!!!!!!

Have you ever done something that you thought was a great idea at the time and then wondered what on earth had posessed you?!
I had a tattoo done on my hand after the birth of my second child. I was still breastfeeding and had raging hormones and I think I wanted to feel young and funky again so I went to the tattoo parlour and came out with a scribble on my hand. I was going for Cheryl Cole from Girls Aloud. I felt more like George Cole from Minder!
Well last week I had another one of those moments. I went to the salon for an uber funky cut. I thought I'd look cool, a bit edgy and fresh but after having it a few days, I feel like I'm wearing a wonky wig! It's ok I suppose, and at least it is hair that will grow back, but blimey! What on earth do us mums do to ourselves sometimes in a bid to 'claw ourselves back'!
Angelina Jolie can pull off the multiple tattoo look and still look feminine. The girl in my local hairdressers can work the asymetric hair look and she rocks! I think that maybe I can't!!
After I'd had the haircut, I did like it, but d'ya know what I felt? I felt a bit like my clothes don't match it! Like they weren't cool enough to go with the hair so cue the shopping spree!......
Here is me posing in the changing rooms of one of the fashion shops...

What do you think of the hair? Okay - maybe not with this face on! How about this.....

If I'd have moved over a bit I'd look like I was wearing that hat!!

Anyway, I did have a great shopping spree and the great news is that it didn't cost very much! Here's why! (I had gift cards left over from my birthday!) - and here are the receipts from afterwards!

I bought some leggings for under my short dresses, a top with ruffles on it, some 'hold you in' knickers(!), some make up and a magazine to read in bed!!
I have had some comments at the school gates saying I'm a bit of a yummy mummy this week! However some other friends haven't said anything at all about the hair so I think I've managed to pick a controversial style for the first time ever! Opinion on it is divided! Let me know what you think, so I don't make another drastic choice and have it cut even shorter!!!

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Grab my butt...

Oops! That was supposed to say "Grab my buttons!"

This blog design is brand spanking new and I LOVE IT!!! So I have arranged to share the love by having two awesome free buttons in my far left hand column that you can take and add to your own blog. Y'know - jazz it up a bit!

It must be a week of 're-invention' because I had my hair cut today in an uber-trendy style and now my clothes don't match! I think I need more fashionable new clothes to go with my fashionista hair!

So tell me what you think of the blog design? Leave a comment, and make sure you FOLLOW THIS BLOG!! I have a treat in store for one of my lovely followers at the end of April - but you've got to be in the 'prize pool' to win it! Add yourself as a follower and you might get picked out of the virtual hat!!


Whatcha got in the bag?!

I love colour - colourful clothes, colourful home products, colourful food (I like a nice bit of green on the plate! - but not mould! LOL)
The only thing colourful that I’m not wild about is colourful make up and colourful language!
My dad bought me some new mugs a few weeks ago - here is my Jelly bean mug:

These are my daughter’s sweets that I’ve nicked to eat and you can also see my ‘Busy Book’. This is my personal organiser that I designed and now sell to other women who like a bit of colour! You can see more about those here.
I like colour in my accessories too so I’m currently using a fab pink leather studded bag for my day to day use:

Do you remember that Will Smith film- “Enemy of the State”?
There was a scene in it where the ‘baddies’ could guess what was in his bag as it changed shape when they looked at it from different camera angles. So let’s have some fun! What could be in my bag? No prizes available this time, just the kudos of being right!!
Clue: there are 11 items….
All fun responses welcome!…

Awesome April!!!

So whaddya think of my spangly new bloggy design?! Awesome isn't it!

Thank you to April Durham of April Showers - you can follow her on Blogger too! She's a 'bloganista'!

I have all my content from my old blog to move over now, but now I'm in my new 'home' at Blogger, please feel free to follow this blog so you get all the latest news and posts from a busy mum!


A reason for mum to sit down whilst the kids are entertained!

Right now I SHOULD be getting my daughter ready for school and changing my son’s nappy but I’m blogging instead! I know that once I get up and start being domestic that I won’t see this computer again for at least 12 hours and there is something I wanted to do first!

As you know, Time Management Mum is about the MUM, not kid focused (although they do play a part of course!!) so I was keen to tell you about a new way to put your feet up for an hour or so whilst the kids are occupied, as we all deserve a sit down from time to time!

If you have pre school age children, you will no doubt have heard of ‘In the Night Garden’. Well the people who create this TV show have brought out a movie which is showing at Picture House Cinemas across the UK where you pay £3 for a child entry, you get in free and the child gets a toy too! Double whammy!

The screenings run from 20 March to 2 April and you can check local cinemas and times at the website: http://www.inthenightgarden.co.uk/

PLUS, if you are London based, you could get to go for free if you are a mummy-blogger! The screening is on 20th March and you should join the
British Mummy Bloggers social network and you can find out more there.

I love the cinema as it really is a valid excuse to sit, eat chocolate and do nothing for an hour or so and the kids are happy whilst you are doing it!!

Now, if only I could get a free screening to see the gorgeous Owen Wilson in Marley and Me…..

Go ahead - make my day!

Ok, so it’s not the best title for a blog post as you’ll probably be thinking of cowboys shooting each other right now!

However I got a comment about my blog yesterday which made my day!

Lisa said:

Hi there, I follow your blog on mine. Its really good reading and brightens my day when I need a pick me up, which at the moment is quite often seeing as I am launching my own website and looking after a 9 month old who is teething and testing his boundaries (and my patience) - hey ho, wouldn’t have it any other way though. Thanks for helping me stay sane!

I thought that was lovely and it really made me think how us mothers need each other - we know the isolation that can sometimes come with being at home all day with young babies and being able to read something or communicate with someone on an adult level who knows what we’re going through is life saving!! I used to enjoy reading The Times blog
Alpha Mummy for this reason!

If you are a Mummy-blogger (and there are more of us out there now!) join the
British Mummy Bloggers social group which was started by Susanna who writes the blog A Modern Mother. I’m on there! Blogging is a great way to connect to other like-minded mums and provides a creative outlet for your skills at a time when creativity becomes a scarce commodity! After all - how many different ways are there to change a nappy!

I enjoy blogging and I love comments so feel free to let me know what you think about this blog. Comments Rock My Face Off!! It says so on my cool button (see left!)

Have a great day!

Life is a bed of roses!

Look how beautiful these roses look!

I got a dozen red roses on Valentines Day from my hubby, and now it’s mid March (almost 1 month later!) and I am just throwing them away. I’ve been changing their water every few days and pruning the dead petals to extend their life and I’ve got a month’s worth of value out of them - beautiful aren’t they?

I was putting the roses in the bin and all the petals fell off before I could get them in. They looked so pretty on the floor I had to take a photo! I’m a bit of a romantic soul and I was going to collect them all and use them as rose petals to decorate the bed for a special treat(!) but they were getting a bit crunchy and I could see it being less romantic and more annoying as you get crusty rose petals up your bum!

I love it when my hubby gets me flowers - it doesn’t matter to me if it is on a ’special’ day or not. Having a lovely bunch makes up for all the time he spends being Jon Bon Jovi on Guitar Hero!
It’s Mother’s Day in a few weeks and I’m hoping the kids will get me some flowers - that or a tripod for my Flip camcorder!!

Happy 'International Women's Day'!

Today (8th March) is International Women’s Day! Yay!

It’s a Sunday so it’s been a nice day to spend with the family and we all went swimming followed by dinner out where I had a cheesecake! (My fave)!

I have been thinking a lot about women this weekend (!) because yesterday I was at a women’s empowerment day in York which celebrated womens lives, helped us to see how we could turn the things around in life that aren’t helping us and generally how to get the life you want! It was a personal development day and there was some real energy in the room. There was a stage with lights and sound, then a band came on and played some toe tapping tunes including one of my favourites “Here come the girls”.

After the band were two keynote speakers and both of them had me in tears! They were very inspirational women with great messages about owning your situation and proactively doing something about it. I’m of this opinion anyway so it was nice to be in the company of like-minded women!

We all got a goody bag with some beauty freebies and there were chocolate truffles and sparkling pear and grape juice on tap throughout! At the end of the day they broke out the bubbly and the ‘After Eight’ mints and we all had a cheeky sip to finish the event before heading home. I loved meeting some fantastic women and having a day that was just for me!

I came home to remind my hubby that it’s Mothers Day in 2 weeks and that I want our kids (ie: him!) to get me a Flip Camcorder Tripod so I can take steady video instead of the wobble I currently get when recording! Our oldest child is a 6 year old so he’ll have to buy the prezzie with his credit card online. She doesn’t know how to do this yet but I’m sure it won’t be long till she does. She can already turn on the laptop, log in and open up the internet browser and get it onto the Playhouse Disney website! We’ll have to watch out when she starts taking an interest in shopping websites rather than just cartoon ones!

It’s just another Manic Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday...

If you are a mum in her 30’s like me you are bound to recognise the song referred to in the title! I used to love The Bangles! It has been a very manic week this week! Have a look at my diary from yesterday!It looks scruffy but this was all things ‘to do’ and once I’d done the job I had to scribble the task out so it didn’t distract me!

Have a look at today and tomorrow…

I hope I haven’t got a record of my period written on here or any embarrassing confessions!
Anyway, this week has been really stacked and I’ve got loads of great blog content from the week - I just need time to blog about it!

Tomorrow (Saturday) I’m out all day at a womens event - it is work (research) but it should be fun too! I really want a day off on Sunday - just a lie in and a read of the papers in bed - let’s see if I get it!

What will make your ideal weekend?….

If you are new to Time Management Mum, read this...

TMM is about 'stuff' not 'fluff'.

This blog is about me and my life - I am Time Management Mum - but you don't have to be super organised to read it! LOL

**NOTE: this blog used to be called Time Management Mum but it is now called Juggle Mum (as of 2011)**

TMM is aimed at anyone with an interest in time management because if you really want to know how to manage your time, become more productive and how to juggle without dropping the baby, just ask a ‘hands on’ working mum.

The blog is not a ‘preach’ about how I do it, sometimes I drop the balls, and that’s ok. I’m human after all, but I am uber organised, I do have a lot of projects on the go and I am a modern working mum! My Guest Bloggers are women like me - passionate, positive, they love their kids but also have an identity away from them.

The readers of this blog will find nuggets of great information on getting everything done and still making time for fun. My belief is that you should take care of YOU, as the ‘mummy of the house’ everything revolves around you anyway - stuff usually won’t get done unless you action it, so it’s important to look after your needs as well as your children / husband / pets / business etc…
I love comments so do participate! Join in, share your stories, your tips, how you stay sane!
You’re a fabulous and feisty female, but this blog doesn’t appreciate BMW’s (Bitches, Moaners and Whiners). Join in but play nice or I’ll send you to the naughty step.

Also, comment on posts young and old! It doesn't matter when the piece was posted - it's all still timely and relevant so feel free to comment on older posts as well as the fresh new ones - the older ones have value too y'know!

This blog celebrates women, celebrates mothers, celebrates our fabulousness and supports ALL our choices. It’s a ’sisterhood’. Blog away Hot Mama and have lots of fun!……….

A woman's guide to surviving the recession...

I love strong women - I think we rule the world, but in a gentle, unassuming way.

One of my favourite quotes is by Eleanor Roosevelt: “A woman is like a tea bag- you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.”

So today I found a blog post by another strong woman - and I wanted to share it with you. Penny Power is one of the founders of a business networking website which I’m a member of and this blog post of hers shows the hard work, tenacity and resourcefulness that goes into being a women in business. I hope you enjoy it, I did!

The calm AFTER the storm!

Aah, let me take a second to enjoy the silence - my 18 month old is asleep on the sofa having worn himself out chucking his toys around the living room and my 6 year old is at school! Finally, I get some time to catch up!

This morning I dropped the balls - big time. Do you ever find that being a busy mum with loads of projects you seem to run just to stay still? Well on Friday I handed over the manuscript of my book to the publishers and breathed a sigh of relief! I’ve been working on it for months and haven’t had a weekend off since Christmas so after getting this biggie off my ‘To Do’ list, I had a cheeky glass (bottle) of Asti to celebrate. This is quite a ‘drinking binge’ for me as I rarely have a drink and can get hammered on 2 halves of lager! Anyway, major deadline met, my body decided to pack in. I’d been running on adrenaline for so long that I started to lose my voice, get a runny nose and get tired. I even went back to bed on Sunday afternoon for a few hours and still fell asleep that evening at my usual time of about 9 o clock (party animal I am so not!)

So this morning we are all getting ready for school when my 6 year old starts dragging her heels. She just got some cooking game for the Nintendo DS and wants to play on that rather than get ready so I’m trying to get her motivated with a series of tricks: gentle cajoling to start, then appealing to her competitive spirit “I can get ready faster than you”, followed by bribery, threats to remove stars from the Good Girl Chart and ending up in losing my rag! She eventually got ready and then it was ‘battle of the breakfasts’. She wanted ‘pain au chocolate’ and we had 2 left over from the weekend so they both had one each, cut into quarters. The boy happily sat in the highchair and munched away. The girl threw a strop because hers had been cut into quarters. Give me strength!

I had said earlier that she could ride her bike to school because I wanted to jog with the boy in the buggy. I have 4 stone to lose now to get back to pre ’second baby’ weight so being a Time Management Mum, I thought i’d be effective with my time and kill two birds with one stone. Do the school run (literally!) and get some exercise. Anyway the breakfast battles had set us back so we had to go in the car instead to get there on time, prompting another tantrum! My head was pounding and I just lost it. After getting them both in the car and all the various book bags, PE Kits, dinner money, permission slips, buggy and hats, coats, gloves etc, I was still hearing whining from the back so I shouted “SHUUUUT UUUUPPPP”!

Instant silence! I should do it more often but then I think it’d lose its effectiveness.

I’d been racing round all morning, the house looked like a bomb had hit it and I still had a days’ worth of work to do. Anyway, a peaceful drive to school ensued and we must have looked like the ‘perfect family’ getting out of the car and walking to the classroom door. My daughter had forgotten what she was whining about and once she saw her mates, it was ’social butterfly’ time! It made me think - how many of the other parents who looked ‘normal’ had been embroiled in a war just 10 minutes before! Actually, I don’t think they’d be normal if they didn’t have the occasional morning like this one. There’s absolutely no such thing as the ‘perfect’ family and people are lying if they say there is!

So one task sorted, my rest of the day looks like this: Now the manuscript is done, I have to attend to my other business areas, plus entertain the boy all day, sort out my mountain of washing and remove all the furniture from the living and dining room as the carpet cleaner is coming tomorrow (Yippee!) I used to have a showhome you know. Pre kids! I don’t know how I was so finickity - I couldn’t relax if a picture was hung on the wall wonky. I’ve had to relax my standards. A lot. But at least my home has ‘life’ now. I’ve also got to get old baby clothes and toys ready for the NCT Nearly New Sale in a few weeks (I’m having a good clear out and can’t wait to have the extra room!)

Calm reigns, for now anyway. In just over two hours I have to collect the girl from school, then the fun starts again! But I’ll tell you something - I can get more done in this two hour window that I ever used to be able to before I had the kids. They’ve trained me up - I was just organised before. I’m uber - SAS style - hyper plate spinner organised now! In fact, Once I’ve finished this post, I am getting my work blog sorted, getting my expenses paid from the BBC, making a dentist appointment, administering a new client, creating my autoresponder follow ups for Virtual Assistants who subscribe to my information feed and getting the stack of papers on my dining room table filed into my office (these were only the weekends’ paperwork). Let’s see if I can crack that in two hours…..

You're already a 'Supermummy' - here's how to be a 'mumpreneur' too!

I love getting parcels in the post, and this week I got one containing a brand new book which launches this month!

This book is aimed at mums who have just started or are thinking of starting a business, as it has lots of tips and information for coming up with a business idea and promoting this new venture. One thing I always look for as a business mum, is advice from people who ‘walk the talk’. I’m quite choosy about who I listen to just because I want to know that if you are telling me a way to do something, that you understand what it is like to be in my shoes, and this book doesn’t disappoint on that score. The writer, Mel McGee obviously writes from experience, knowing the little barriers that many mums put up to stop themselves from achieving great things, and Mel shows you how to remove them. There are some really powerful messages in the book around stopping limiting beliefs, something I’ve had to deal with in my past as a Mumpreneur and I know many Mumpreneur friends have too.

The book starts by building the reader’s confidence that they can start a business and the chapters are sprinkled with ‘Supertips’ to help you along the way. One message that rings out loud and clear from the book is that nothing is achieved without ACTION! And I fully agree – ideas are great but it is putting them into action that makes the money.
Even if you don’t have a business idea but are thinking that you’d like to start a business, then this book gives you some useful exercises to get started and help you create your money making idea.

I really liked the tip about trying out your sales message on your kids or your mum. If they can understand the benefits of your business, you’ve cracked it! This is a great way to check that you are delivering the right message to your potential clients and getting to the point quickly and coherently. I worked in marketing for more than a decade before starting up my business as a Virtual Assistant and have never heard it said quite so succinctly before!

All in all, a very practical book loaded with advice. If you are looking for both a guide-book on starting a business and a cheerleader to encourage you along the way, this book is it!

It’s available from Amazon – check it out here.