Competition! Gimme your 'me time'!

Being a juggling, business owning mum (and wife, and trying to be a domestic goddess but not doing so good at that as my cream carpets need a good shampoo - but let’s not go there girlfriend!)

Well, as I was saying, a busy mum like me needs all the ‘me’ time she can get - and so do you!
Today at the school gates another mum made me laugh as tomorrow is Friday - this means ‘Family Learning’ at our school. I don’t know if every primary school does this but Family Learning is where you go in with the child and stay for approx 45 minutes into the lesson to observe the class and see what the kids are learning. Parent’s don’t have to go but if they can, the kids love having ‘mum’ or ‘dad’ there and any toddlers or babies that are with ‘mum’ that day are also in the classroom so the kids all find it fun!

Family Learning is great for the kids but can be a drag for some of the parents, because they can’t always make it because of work then they feel bad as their child lays a guilt trip on them, so whenever Family Learning is cancelled - a lot of the parents’ are secretly pleased!:)

Well as it is Family Learning tomorrow, Ive promised my 6 year old I will be there. One of the other mums has her first Friday off work in months and said how she was looking forward to it, so when another mum reminded her it was Family Learning tomorrow, her face fell and she said she was going to tell her son that she had to work!! We all laughed - I’m sure she probably will come tomorrow, but sometimes a busy mum has to be creative with getting her ‘me time’.


I want to hear about your ways of getting some ‘me time’ for yourselves in your busy lives. Don’t worry - the blokes and kids don’t read this blog so no-one will ever find out! But tell me what is the most creative way you have ever found to carve out some time….

To make it fun, I am offering a prize to (what I think is the) best or funniest tip! The winner will receive a Dream PA ‘Busy Book’. This is a loose leaf personal organiser with a year 2009 week to view diary insert, in a stunning red colour! The front cover features the kitsch ‘Dream PA’ girl logo embossed into it and it was designed for the stylish modern busy woman to plan her life! The Busy Book retails at £39.99 and you can read a little more

If you want to be in with a chance of winning, simply submit a comment to this post including your first name, your tip or story and your email address so I can contact you if you win!

PS) Any mums can share their stories but for the purpose of the competition, it’s UK entries only. I’m not Rockefeller!!

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  1. Hey! Nadine here!
    This competition is now closed and unfortunately I cannot move all the comments / entries over from my old blogsite to Blogger so you won't be able to read them! ;-( Boo!

    However now I'm in my new bloggy home, there will be loads more competitions so subscribe to this blog and follow me so you are always the first to know what is going on! Yay!


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