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About Me:
If you want to know about time management, getting things done and juggling a busy life, just ask any modern working mum- I firmly believe this to be true! I’m a ‘hands on’ mum of two, business owner, wife, professional speaker and best-selling author and I’m knee deep in the daily juggle every single day!

Requesting Tips:
I write a column in the Premier UK Celebrity & Lifestyle publication At Home Magazine every fortnight. It isn’t an advice column but I talk about being a mum, being a mum in business, running a busy life and keeping the plates spinning, so if you have any ‘how to’ questions, or want to see a particular topic covered, email me at JuggleMum@gmail.com with your suggestions.

A Bit of Background!
I’ve been an employed working mum, a WAHM (work at home mum) and a SAHM (you can work this out!) so I know all about the engineering and arranging that goes into life with kids, trying to earn a living around the school run and clawing myself back to my former fashionista heights!

In my years as a SAHM I wrote my second book and taught myself web design and video editing skills in between the playdates and learning how to cook properly so I could give this domestic goddess thing a go. I’m now in love with my slow cooker and from a starting point of being completely intimidated by the kitchen, it was a proud day when I hung the disco ball from my kitchen ceiling, finally claiming the room as my own.

Blogging & Micro-blogging:
I blog regularly as Juggle Mum and am completely hooked on my new interest in vlogging- using video for my blogs. I also tweet like a little bird and you can find me on Twitter as Businessmum.

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  1. Hi im a mum of 2, soon to be mum of 3!

    My problem is motivation, I want to be motivated to do all the things that need doing and things I want to do!

    Any motivating my lame butt tips please? xxxxx


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