Happy 'Twisting Time' Month!

It’s official! I’ve decided that February 2009 is Twisting Time Month.

So what’s ‘Twisting Time’?

It’s a phrase that I made up because I like the sound of it. I am a bit of a freak and for some strange reason I am ridiculously passionate about time management. I love getting things done. I love juggling a busy life. I always have several projects on the go. I love it when people say to me “Oh you’re just so organised!” but I also love it when I can give a hint or tip that might help make someone else’s life that bit easier.

I have all sorts of crazy ‘things’ that I do which I’m sure other people think are weird (I’ve been called both quirky and eccentric within the last month alone!) but these things help me to stay organised. Whether it is wearing a lanyard round my neck with the car keys on or carrying a range of post it notes with me wherever I go (yes - seriously!)

So how can you get involved with Twisting Time?!!

If you think that tips, stories and observations on time management are something that you might like to know more about (written in a non techy, entertaining, and positive way of course!), then I’d be obliged if you could fill in my
survey and give me your views.

I am currently working on the Time Management Blog with an awesome blog designer and I am writing the strategy for this blog which will be relaunched with a new URL very soon (I’ll keep you in the loop). I’ll give you a link to this fantastic blog designer as soon as she has handed over my site but not before as I want my work completed in the timescale I’m working to and if she gets inundated, it might push my launch date back!

So go to the
survey, give me your opinions and I’ll have a fab new site for you with the content you love very soon.

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  1. Hey! Nadine here...
    This survey is still live so please go ahead and give me your thoughts.
    The hot new blog design I talk about in the post above is what you see right now! I copied this post from my old blog so I'd have great content at my new bloggy home to start me off!

    PS) You can subscribe to this blog so you don't miss fab new content as it happens! Use the RSS feed button in the far left hand column.


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