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My audience / passion / friends / who I am -is busy women, mums and Jugglista's everywhere!


I'm happy to talk about being a mumpreneur or work life balance for your magazine article, radio or TV interview. I also carry out speaking engagements for events. Check out my speaking website here for more details.

To make a request please call (UK +44) 0870 068 9963 or send an email to

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  1. Hi Nadine, Do you know about the new book "How to be an Amazing Mum - When you Just Don't Have the Time - the Ultimate Handbook for Hassled Mums."
    It's a great resource with mums with too much on their plates. It's on Amazon and would be the perfect for this website.Caroline

  2. Hi Caroline
    Thanks for the tip off - I am going to review a copy of the book so watch this space!

  3. In March you showed a picture of a Jelly bean mug that you were given. Any idea where it came from. Its the one from Dragons Den and Ive been searching for it for ages!

  4. Hi Anonymous
    Yes, I posted this answer on Twitter several times as I've been asked a few times!
    The mug was a gift to me from my dad who I think got it from M&S. However this was a year ago.
    I think I've seen something similar in Matalan over the last few months - as they are getting their Christmas Gifts in. You could try them.
    Alternatively, why not contact Jelly Belly who make those lovely sweets and see if they have plans for a product range? Could be worth a try?
    Good luck!

  5. Note: This blog used to be called 'Time Management Mum' and now it is the catchier 'Juggle Mum'!

    The comments posted by me, Nadine Hill, above this one are attributed to 'Time Management Mum' but I'm one and the same! Just to clarify!


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