This is a list of the blogs I regularly follow. Share the love, check them out and if you like what you read, follow them! Whilst you're at it, make sure you are following this blog too!

So here goes...

I am a member of BritMums. If you are a parent blogger - check it out!

A Modern Mother: From the USA to the UK, Susanna had 3 children in 3 years and she also started the British Mummy Bloggers Network! (Now BritMums)

Jugglista is a site for women who juggle like it's going out of fashion! It is the sister website to Juggle Mum and contains information for busy women, career girls and glamorous mums here!

Jennifer Howze, formerly The Times's 'Alpha Mummy' lead blogger now writes Jenograhy. Catch her here.

WAHM-BAM: Talks about the trials, tribulations and joys of combining a successful business with parenthood.

Working Mum: A busy mum from Manchester juggles a full time job, doing up a home, a daughter and a football mad husband!

Nixdminx: From P45 to career nirvana and other highjinx along the way!

Sian To writes Mummy Tips - she's a businesswoman and mum of 4.

More than just a Mother: Great writing, honest and usually makes me laugh out loud!

And 1 more means four!: I don't know how she does it! Read her blog!

Rosie Scribble - she is a good sort! Check her out at:

Perfectly Happy Mum is a fellow British Mummy Blogger.

Dulwich Mum's life is just like a soap opera! Read her here.

Cheshire Claire is not rich, not famous, but trying! Read her here.

Karin Joyce from Cafe Bebe is an American in the UK and has LOADS of pushchairs in her garage!

I love Mumra! She's holding onto cool with both hands!

Slim your bin in just 8 weeks! Karen writes The Rubbish Diet.

Tamsin is a fellow Yorkshire lady, exploring life with her family! Check her at Looking for Dragons

Penny at Alexander Residence blogs about life with two small children.

Anna is very glam and helps others be glam too at her blog The Beauty Glo!

Jay at Mocha Beanie Mummy is hilarious - and a bit naughty! She might not be a virgin!

Tara from Sticky Fingers has been talking mumbo jumbo since 2002 - I like that!

Becky blogs at English Mum about all sorts! She's a bit of a foodie and loves cake!

Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? Is Laura's blog. Laura is another Yorkshire lass like me (yay!) and the blog is about the longest journey she's ever taken!

Sandy Calico at Baby Baby had two boys in quick succession!

Maria is a very busy mama! She blogs at Mummy's Busy World!

Geek Mummy is Ruth who is Googling her way through motherhood!

Knackered Mutha is Helen. She likes her wine!!

Marianne writes Mari's World. She's a mum of 4 and Nanna of one!

Jackie is a freelance writer and also blogs at Mummy's Little Monkey!

Lucy and Claire, two sisters from London write the foodie blog Crumbs! They have some excellent recipes on their site.

Deborah is Metropolitan Mum - a London mum's blog about her bumpy ride through motherhood!

Maison Cupcake is a blog about desserts, photography and Sarah's life!

Janis Curry's blog is Really Kid Friendly.

Babes About Town is written by Uju, a big city mum at heart!

If you're in the mood for mindless chat, Mid 30's Life is the blog for you! Written by Rachel- an Australian living in London!

...and I like 'Momversation' - an American forum for mummy vloggers!


  1. Many thanks for adding me, Nadine!

  2. How cool, I love the crew I'm rolling with here! Thanks for the shout out x

  3. Rose, Sian, Uju- you are very welcome! I'm enjoying your blogs! xx

  4. WOW! Love the web design - enjoyed reading your blog and thanks for the recommendations for other blogs - that's me sorted for reading material on my coffee breaks!


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